Painted Alligator

Painted alligators are large reptilian often covered with paintings and tattoos.

Common affinities Earth, Fire, Sand
Ability to plan and abstract All are proficient, rumor exist of those who are not
Diet Fruit, vegetables, fish
Languages Altharian, Sphinx, Common
Native location Althar
Size 5 to 9 feet (150~270 cm) when standing; length can reach up to 15 feet (450 cm)


Common affinities

Most painted alligators have either Earth, Fire, or Sand affinities, and even if they do not, they are more than likely able to acquire one or more of them. They can also obtain affinities for Crystal or Lava, but this is rare and is often never passed down to later generations.

Hereditary magic

If the parents possess Earth, Fire, or Sand affinities and have offspring, those offspring will commonly possess one or two parental affinities. If the parents do not have the three listed affinities, or if one of the parents is not a painted alligator, no affinity is usually passed down; instead, the aptitude for learning the parental affinities is.

Elemental weaknesses and resistances

Painted alligators are fairly resilient to Earth, Fire, Water, and Poison, and regardless of their actual element, possess slight resistances to these listed four.

Many painted alligators are susceptible to any mental or spiritual assailment by Spirit and its subtypes, with Psi being the most effective against them by far.


Common locations

Althar is the native homeland of the painted alligators, and most all of them are found there. They may also be found in areas with access to water, some examples including Miaoustok, Gnawth, and the National Port of Owel. A few painted alligators have been rumored to live deep underneath Mew York, in the sewer systems of Old Kadath, but a sighting there has yet to be verified.

Climate preference

Painted alligators prefer humid, hot environments, clear skies, and calm waters. Most painted alligators consider Althar's coastline to be ideal. They can tolerate freshwater lakes and rivers, but they greatly prefer saltwater.

Ability to plan and abstract

Nearly all painted alligators are capable of higher level thinking, such as the ability to plan ahead, to reason, rationalize, and to understand abstract concepts and principles. There have been rumors, however, of some existing that are incapable of this higher level thinking, which are extremely hostile and will attack other races without concern. These wild ‘gators have never been spotted in Althar, however.


Painted alligators speak Altharian, with a good majority also able to speak Common.
Many are able to speak in the Sphinx's language, but only when actually conversing with a Sphinx; they cannot recall the language otherwise.

Relation with other species

They have a mutual feeling of kinship towards the other native species of Althar.
Many of them constantly patrol the waters around Althar, forever on guard for a threat which none of them can identify or describe.


They nearly always feel a desire to protect the Jackals of Althar, and when actually doing so, their resistance to all elements increases greatly, with the exception of Psi.


Despite the painted alligators's relatively fearsome appearance, they are neither aggressive or hostile, and most are either vegetarians or pescetarians. Being kind and gentle is usually in their nature.


Painted alligators are known for their looks — most appear to have "painted" marks on their bodies, as their namesake suggests. The more extravagant a set of markings and colors is, the more attractive the painted alligators find one another.

Centuries ago, the painted alligators with the most striking marks were almost always part of a royal family or part of royal duty. This is no longer the case, but many still love to get tattoos or apply makeup of more colorful and complicated strokes.
Artists in the tattoo and markup industry are highly respected.


Piercings are extremely popular, as is jewelry and lightweight, shimmering garments. On average, half of the painted alligator population has at least one piercing, with a third of those having at least 10 piercings.


Painted alligators are highly spiritual, and nearly all of them will tell you they believe in an afterlife — it would be foolish to believe otherwise when the proof is in daily Altharian life, they would say.
As such, their makeup, tattoos, and piercings usually have some sort of spiritual significance, which varies heavily per individual.

Royal family

There is still a royal family, but it's royal in name only. They hold very little sway over daily life anymore, but occasionally they have spiritual messages that the public in Althar will listen to.

Common occupations

There are many priests, priestesses, and other spiritual leaders to be found in the painted alligation population. Common occupations outside of the spiritual realm tend to involve creativity and creation, which ends up tying itself to spirituality, the afterlife, or reincarnation once more. It seems to be inevitably a part of a painted alligators's life in some form or another.


Painted alligators cannot cry.

Mixed painted alligators

While they are compatible with other reptiles, painted alligators are scared to crossbreed with those, as it's uncertain in their religious tomes whether or not non-native-Altharian species make it to the same afterlife as Altharians do. They are scared to fall in love and start a family with someone they might never see again after death.


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