One of the continent of the Floraverse world, and the only explored so far.
The continent is devided in two by the Miaoustok Mountain Range. Lake Miaoustok, located in the middle of the mountain range, is the source of the three main rivers of Owel, all commonly named Miaoustok River. Those three rivers are navigable up to their source.

The continent is divided between the following territories:

  • Auroria (Auroria Desert, Auroria Taiga, Auroria Forest, Auroria Plains, Frosty Bay)
  • Kadath
  • Holiday (Mossy Depression, Holiday Marsh, Deep Plateau, Deep Mountain)
  • Dendain (Sandsong Oasis, Honeycomb Plateau)
  • National Port of Owel
  • Treefall (Treefall Lake, Treefall Greens)
  • Peril (Heart Mountain, Carrot Crook, Good Intentions, Stony Barrens)
  • Rhile (Gnawth, Olive Hills, Candy Lake, Candy Rock, Candy Mesa)
  • Miaoustok (Prospector, Lake Miaoustok)
  • Gloam (Neon Lake)
  • Moggy (Moggy Mines, Teslic Yard)
  • Dewclaw (Catfish Lake, Dewclaw Flats)
  • Twin Luxuries (West Luxury, East Luxury, Luxury Cove)
  • Citrico Archipelago (Citrico Capital, Stemm, Cherran, Musapeel, Citrico, Polaris)
  • Mew York (Mew York Reservoir)
  • Beheaded City (Ventose Flats)
  • N.E.W. Gnoll Nations (Crunchbone, Bonecrunch, Bonecrush, Three Gnoll Lake's, Gnolls's Knolls)
  • Aromia
  • Althar (Sere Valley, Seif Straits, Paradise Fields)
  • Croon Fens (Marshtune Glades, Croon Hamlets, Kadath Outpost, Quarantine)
  • Nature's Folly (Paranoia, Neck-Deep Mire, Void Forest, Beholding Gorge, Ever Hopeful, Heaven's Keys)


Owel V1, basic compilation

I've taken great care to carefully mark off as much as I'm aware of on this colorful map. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but since I compiled it from all of the maps I've managed to secure so far... well, the sum of the many should be close to correct. I won't be able to tell for myself until I've traveled over more of the land. Who knows when that'll be? Polaris is looking to be where I'll stay for a while, if this gardening thing works out like I hope it will.

I'll start from the top, and work my way down based on my notes and the hearsay I've picked up. I'll have to mark the important places with stars for easy reference...

Auroria - Foxes live here. Greedy ones? If they're anything like the Borealan foxes on Glissod... I want nothing to do with them. A lot of trading takes place in Auroria, and it's supposedly a major city. Who else lives here...? At least it's cold up there. I like that a lot.

?Frosty Bay? - There's a little island in between Auroria and Kadath on one of the maps I copied from, in the middle of the Frosty Bay. It wasn't on any of the other dozen maps... why? It doesn't even have a name. (Is this accurate? I'll have to find out later.)

Auroria Desert - Frozen sand dunes. I don't like sand a whole lot, but if it's frozen maybe I wouldn't dislike it that much.

Auroria Taiga - No one likes going through this thorny, wet, freezing wasteland. I don't think it sounds so bad though. It probably is for the caravans though...

Auroria Forest - This forest shouldn't be so cold, but it is. That's what I'm seeing noted on half these maps. I don't know what that's supposed to mean, but I'm all for frozen forests. It sounds nice.

Auroria Plains - Kadath is angry, apparently, that Auroria only sold them the peninsula. This means Auroria can have little toll outposts in the plains that Kadath has to pay if they don't take a longer path around to Kadath from the south. That's kind of hilarious. But, according to the notes on the back of a more recent Kadath-centric map, I think there are some weird monsters that Kadath let loose that mostly target Aurorian foxes. Is this true? Just to avoid tolls? That seems extreme. I wonder what the politics are like between the two cities?

Mossy Depression - Swamps here. I would have a really unfun time here. There's also a lot of poison. I think I'll never visit this hellhole. There are temples here, apparently? I'd like to see those, but I don't know if I'll ever risk it.

Holiday Marsh - The water is damaging and caustic here. I'm not ever visiting this place!!! Nothing is good about bad water!!!!!

Holiday - Stone guys live here. Moahu? Nothing but good is written about the Moahu. I... I'd really like to visit a place called "Holiday" that has lots of celebrations, but how can it possibly be worth traveling through the marsh...?

Dendain - Desert. No thank you. There's supposedly an oasis in the middle, but it's only on half the maps, and half of the maps have the oasis in different spots. Some of the drawings look like the oasis was erased from it, or painted over it. There's also supposedly a monster that leaves gigantic footprints around during the day, but no one has any drawings of it or any description of it at all. That's a little spooky... I like that.

Sangsong Oasis - Huge spiders live in the water here according to a single map. There are tunnels under the water that lead to... to what? Something amazing, but it doesn't say anything about what it is! Is everyone just chickening out because of the giant spiders?! I really should go check this place out sometime! It's been a while since I've been able to just live underwater. Ah, there's also some sort of medicinal fruit here? That's interesting.

Honeycomb Plateau - Huge labyrinth here. Lots of bugs and ants. Huge ones. Apparently these ants aren't quite the talking sort, but they do engage in weird trade? Peaceful, but won't let you go too far into their labyrinth. There's also a treasure map that I pilfered from some asshole... and it seems to be for the plateau. Maybe I'll check it out one day.

Olive Hills - Lava forest. I absolutely don't want to ever go here. It's green and lush, and full of lava. How? Why would anyone want to go here? It sounds as bad as Polaris. It's probably really hot there. I kind of hate that. Frequent earthquakes that sometimes devour groups of travelers. Yikes!

National Port of Owel - This is where we were supposed to arrive from, but we missed the first ship and instead ended up near Citrico Capital. It's quite a big city though. Most of the ships from Glissod head to this port, since it's the closest. There are a lot of "Vanguards" here, but they don't look much like the ones on Glissod at all.

Deep Plateau - There's a story here that the plateau was created by a huge, huge dragon crashing and skidding into the land. That's absolutely ridiculous. Plateaus are supposed to be tall. This is like a reverse plateau. I hate this name. Also contaminated by Holiday Marsh water. Ick.

Deep Mountain - To match Deep Plateau's stupid name, Deep Mountain is like a reverse mountain. It's a huge crater-like place, and you can actually enter it. Except most smart individuals won't. Huge, HUGE bugs are found here, ones that can't leave because... because why? I actually don't know that much about bugs from Owel. Lots of weird diseases can be found here. Ugh...

Treefall Greens - This forest didn't used to exist. I really want to visit this place later! The Treefall citizens genetically tamper with all the trees and all the wildlife here. Oh man, that's so exciting that I bet my heart would be racing if I had one! I wonder how much they'd be able to help us out with our plants? I wonder how interested they'd be in Glissod and Cenastre's problems? Notably Cenastre... More importantly, how expensive would it be to get help? I'll have to find out after I tend to my garden later.

Treefall Lake - Genetically modified fish and also hydroponic gardens. I'm quivering with excitement. The citizens of Treefall are ones I'd really like to meet one day.

Treefall - The amphibians here don't eat meat from land animals, only fish and plants are in their diet. They also don't speak most languages, including Common. I think it's hard for them to speak anything other than their own tongue. I'm sure it won't take me long to learn it one day.

Heart Mountain - A meteor shower did something here and covered the mountain with meteor dust. There are stone golem things here now because of it. Huh... There's also an explosive ore here, so no one really likes exploring. A lot of animals here have rockish or stone-like features. Weird.

Carrot Crook - Block bunnies are from here. A "mad scientist" did something here, so there's apparently a deadly... mutagen here? What? I'm not actually sure what that is. There's not much more info about this place. Is it that dangerous...? Huh.

Gnawth - There are a lot of creepy rumors about the citizens of this place. That makes me wary. Stoning gaze, steal souls, abduct children? Yeesh. Also someone has a real sense of humor in their notes: "Natural hazards: Politically-motivated treachery". Really. The archtecture is apparently nice here. Stone columns and stuff? I'd like to see.

Candy Mesa - A maze of mesas. Groan... Gems here though. Most are magical.

Candy Lake - An aquifer here? Candy Rock gets its water here.

Candy Rock - Oh.. Oh no... there's a group of "crystals heal your soul" religions here... I thought I had escaped that when I left Glissod... I'm so tired of crystals...

Prospector - They build "rail roads" here. I've never actually seen "rail roads" though. They don't sound very impressive. I guess fast travel is nice, but eh.

Miaoustok - There's a city in a cave here. They live around a huge underground lake, too? Lake Miaoustok. A lot of... mice and frog residents. Some sort of power usurption thing is noted on one of my maps. Maybe just a rumor though. ("Long live the Wenny Ruler"? What?)

Stony Barrens - A flatland. A lot of rocky beasts and golems here. They have... stone showers here?? Like gravel? Wow, this is somehow sounding worse than Holiday Marsh. That's impressive.

Peril - A crystalline forest. Wait, but, the drawings here show normal trees? Half of these maps say "DO NOT enter. You'll become infected." I'm not sure if some sort of invisibility thing is going on here or what. My sources are all conflicting. Better not risk it.

Good Intentions - "Acolights" live in a village here. Reportedly also covered in crystal? But also not. How...? If I were to visit, I'd do it from the sea side.

Neon Lake - Electric or lit animals here. Lots of glowing. Sparkling gnats, etc. Weird!

Gloam - Rugaru live here, and it's called "Insomnia City" as a nickname. It's also known as the "Neon City". You won't be sleeping here, I guess? I wonder why?

Teslic Yard - Strange monster machines naturally occur here? That hardly makes sense... Electric technology on this continent mostly originated here.

Moggy Mines - Metals are mined here.

Moggy - Mostly flowercats and N.E.W. Gnolls live here. Haunted town because of mines? Haha... like ghosts exist.

Catfish Lake - Abandoned underworld entrance here...? Wow, I'd have really liked just to go via this entrance, but Min absolutely would not have been convinced.

Dewclaw - Huge flowercat and cat population here. There's a bazaar here. Also a black market. Ohh...

Dewclaw Flats - Tourist garbage here.

Mew York Reservoir - The water supply for Mew York, filled by the Miaoustok River. Only employees allowed here? Why on earth?

Mew York City - Ahh... there are crime syndicates here. Most of my sources list one major gang, but the newer map I scored has another. There's basically no magic here, also? How is that possible? Did they drain it all? I think this place would make me sick. Also one of my older maps has "Kadath" listed here. That doesn't make a lot of sense. Mew York doesn't exist at all on this older map. It's just Kadath, and the northern Kadath isn't listed at all.

Beheaded City - "Hanged Men" live here. Are these like the Graverobbers on Glissod?

Sere Valley -This is confusing. Only one map has this listed. Super hot here - I never, ever want to visit. Humidity of 0% all the time! No thanks.

Seif Straits - Sand dunes, hot, blah blah blah no one cares.

Althar - Spiritual city. They have an actual water source here, even if it's usually scorching. Ah, there's also an "entrance to hell" here. I assume they mean the underworld. But, there's no clear location for it. I wonder if we could find it by coming up from the other side...?

Paradise Fields - Althar grows things here I guess.

Three Gnoll Lake's - Why is there a fucking apostrophe there? I absolutely want to strangle whoever named this. It's listed the same on every goddamn map, so it's not just miswritten.

Crunchbone/Bonecrunch/Bonecrush/Aromia, formerly Crushbone - Gnolls... There are four varieties of gnolls here. Thorny gnolls, giant gnolls, spindle gnolls, petal gnolls. Too many gnolls.

Gnolls's Knolls - I've about had it with these names!!! Untamed wild forest and game.

Ventose Flats - Very windy. I'd have to take care when visiting here. Sometimes hurricanes hit this far inland.

West Luxury / East Luxury - Very nice to live here for some reason according to most of these notes. I'm not sure how much I'd agree -- there's no ice to be found anywhere.

Luxury Cove - Twin Luxuries' beach area, with black and white sand. I still don't like the ocean much, but it's a nice resort to basically anyone else. There's a bridge that connects the top of West Luxury to the edge of East Luxury, I guess?

Nature's Folly - I forgot to write this on the first version of my map, but this term encompasses the area from the Marshtune Glades all throughout Heaven's Keys. Usually it seems to be referring to the area past the quarantine, though.

Marshtune Glades - More swamp. Swamp frogs here. Whatever.

Croon Hamlets - The frogs actually live here. If you have no poison tolerance, or no tolerance for bad music, you don't want to visit here. I have a double lack of tolerance.

Croon Fens - More swamp, less forest, less me. I'm not going here ever.

Kadath Outpost - Rumored to be keeping out a disease? A REALLY bad one? It can't be that bad.

Paranoia - I think it's a city? There's basically nothing about this whole peninsula. Can't someone just swim around and find out what's going on here?!

Neck-Deep Mire - There's nothing. There's nothing about this place except to not cross through it directly. Take the shore if possible.

Void Forest - There's something about the trees here. I can't make out this map's language very much, it's like some weird version of Common. Moving trees? Talking trees? No healthy visitors? What.

Beholder Gorge - Beholders?! I can't forget the one encounter I had with the one on Cenastre. I'll never forget that. Horrible. They came from Owel, I guess? From this place. I never, ever want to see what it's like here.

Ever Hopeful - There was a city here. It's gone now.

Heaven's Keys - This place is the reason no ships sail past Owel's southernmost tip. I want to say, "it can't be THAT bad, can it?" but, it is. Many islands for many horrors. Sometimes on ships, people tell each other scary stories about Heaven's Keys just to spook the passengers if they're anywhere near it.

And... that's all I felt like compiling while waiting for Min to wake up. There are more locations, many more, but they're all very small or very specialized. I'll probably add them later when I get another chance.

Southwest Owel

Moggy - Like Dewclaw, but further north and with more rocks. Its isolated location makes it an ideal choice for anyone wanting to disappear for a while. Or forever. Moggy doesn't care, really. As long as you pay your taxes and don't cause trouble, it won't ask questions. Most of its public services, such as law enforcement, firefighting, trash removal and wildlife preservation are community-run. Living here means you're volunteering for community service of some kind every year.

Spur - The mining and metal refinery industries are Spur's (and the entire region of Moggy's) primary sources of income. Spur supplies most every city in Southern Owel with their infrastructure materials, and at prices so reasonable you wouldn't even think they have a monopoly! But they do. Spur is responsible for minting Mew York's metal currency. It's allegedly responsible for Teslic Yard's weapons research and development... but that's just a rumor. Wholly unsubstantiated. Spur refutes it completely.

Whisker - This is the city for people who want to live a out in the forest somewhere, but don't want all the inconveniences that location normally comes with. Electricity, housing, indoor plumbing, but still surrounded by trees and hundreds of miles from any major city? Whisker's got you covered. This is made possible by mandatory donations from anyone exporting goods purchased from Dewclaw's underground bazaar. Those who mind a close inspection of their cargo tend to donate more generously than those who don't.

Dewclaw - On its surface, Dewclaw is a normal city. It enjoys some tourism from people traveling north from Luxury, and it exports fish and lumber. However its main industry is below the surface, in the underground bazaar. Have something you want to sell or buy? Go to Luxury, Citrico, or any of the other dozens of cities on Owel. Have something you want to sell or buy that you shouldn't be selling or buying? Come to Dewclaw. Stolen, dangerous, illegal, or unique items? Get or get rid of them here. You have to know where to look or who to ask, though. Dewclaw keeps up its law-abiding appearance very well.

Talon - Dewclaw's city by the sea. Supplies Luxury with food via advanced agricultural and farming programs. If Talon didn't exist, Luxury would go hungry in a month or two. All fish and game in this region are property of the citizens of Talon, and poachers are dealt with severely.

Haunch, Catfish Crossing - Like Talon, but on the east. Haunch trades with merchants traveling along the Miaoustok River. Catfish Crossing contains the only route which Landfish and Catfish take when traveling from Catfish Lake to Miaoustok River and vice versa, and Haunch is responsible for making sure these fish are hunted in a sustainable manner.

Peace and Quiet - Home to lush forests, fertile soil, calm and cool weather, AND ideally located. If it weren't for all the sinkholes, dozens of cities would be here. Attempts at building them have been made, certainly, but you wouldn't know it. Explorers who don't weigh much are the only ones who tend to travel here nowadays.

West York Harbor - Mew York's riverside city. It enjoys the same melting-pot-of-cultures atmosphere that the main city of Mew York does. Runs a covert anti-smuggling operation aimed at preventing illicit goods from being transported via the Miaoustok River.

West, East Luxury - The largest and most popular vacation destinations on Owel, by far. No matter your budget, these tropical paradises will sell you what you want, be it entertainment, relaxation, pampering or anything else. Famous actors and singers dream of performing here, and restaurants and casinos and basically everyone in the entertainment industry compete viciously to get a permit to conduct business here.

Wishbone, Luxury Cove - Can't spend money fast enough in East or West Luxury? Come to Wishbone! With the largest collection of high-end malls, shopping plazas and marketplaces on Owel, your money is sure to be gone in no time! If that isn't enough, Luxury Cove offers week-long cruises to Citrico Archipelago, and is home to Owel's only completely-underwater hotel. (Rated 5 stars out of 5 by several independent magazines.)

Althar Province

Althar Province

Upper Althar

Location of both the Seif Straits and The Crystal Farms. There's not much in the way of housing individuals - despite the straits offering water all throughout the land, the temperatures are too extreme for most individuals during the day, so most working (and living) in Upper Althar is performed during the evening when it's substantially cooler out.

The Seif Straits - All throughout Upper Althar are offshoots of the Miaoustok River. It's pretty unusual for a river to break off along the land like that when there's an easier path for the water to follow, but the Magnetic magic in the Seif Straits attracts equally magic water from the river!

The Crystal Farms - But what can you do with magic water, exactly? If nothing else, you can bottle it up, drink it, and slowly gain an affinity (or a secondary one, if you already have one). You can also filter the magic pretty easily at that point. But, actually… the straits do something pretty fantastic outside of supplying magic water: they create magic crystal fields. The crystals on the surface aren't nearly as useful as those that form in the earth around the straits, and the further away from Perish you get, the less you're going to find Spirit or any secondary elements in either the water or the crystals. And, of course, you can't have a bunch of rare magic in an area without someone important stepping in and blocking off the best locations for harvest. Oh well. At least you can still find precious metals out in the straits if you're good enough.

Miaoustok River - Popular method of travel, and excellent route for trade. This river is commonly called "River Acheron" by Althar natives.

Delta Islands - Refers to Perish and Petal, collectively. Technically neither part of Upper nor Lower Althar. These two islands are what most individuals think of when "Althar" is mentioned.

Perish - Spiritual capital of Owel… or so Althar asserts. Whether you want to learn all about the afterlife, or you just want to learn more about the nature of Spirit magic and its uses, Perish welcomes anyone who comes in peace. Beautiful buildings adorn the land: places of worship, of study, of life, of death. Perish is also home to most of the skilled workers of Althar - particularly those trained in religious/spiritual arts, and those who work with crystal and glass. Relatedly, Perish is also where the best crystal hauls end up.

Petal - Traders' capital of Owel… or so Althar asserts. Well, while it's probably not the biggest trading spot on the continent, it's definitely one of varied goods. And magical goods, at that! In competition with Dewclaw for the least-secret black market, Petal is home to all manner of probably-definitely-contraband goods. Body parts, cursed artifacts, the eggs of endangered beasts... it's all here, and all available to the right buyer for the right price. Also, anything harvested in Lower Althar is bound to be here, and fresh!

Lower Althar

Largely the residential zone of Althar, as the heat here is only "pretty awful" compared to Upper Althar's "absolutely horrendous". Despite that, Lower Althar workers manage to feed a large portion of Owel with food grown or raised here.

The Pharm - Growing plants and raising animals isn't always just for the sake of eating food! Sometimes you need to grow things with medicinal properties -- from a flower whose petals relieve itching, to a cotton lamb whose wool will help one achieve a higher state of meditation when worn… The Pharm is the place to find strange varieties of flora and fauna that make your life more convenient. And, yes: the famous Althar cotton is indeed grown here. Dyes, silks, etc are also produced here, right alongside paper and ink.

The Hatchery - Not every animal can be grown from a seed and kept in a pot! The Hatchery houses many varieties of critters, most raised with the express purpose of later being consumed in some way. Though, pets are grown here too! Can you say… "pet bookwyrm"?

Trickle Lakes - Large artificial ponds that are used to grow easygoing aquatic life.

Fickle Lakes - Large artificial ponds that are used to grow aquatic life that probably wants to kill you.

Flower - Most of eastern Owel's food is grown here, or is fished up along the coast. There are a surprising number of tasty plants that can survive in heat like this!

Paradise Fields - Encompasses all of Lower Althar… and beyond. As soon as you start getting out of the heat, you start getting out of Lower Althar, but you're still in the Althar Province until you leave the fields. Some very dangerous wildlife lives out on the edge of the fields.

Mew York Territories

Port Innsmouth - "Lakeside" This is the border checkpoint for anyone and anything traveling along the Miaoustok River. Illegal items (certain weapons, addictive substances, and counterfeit merchandise) will be confiscated and destroyed, and a fine will be levied against anyone shipping them. Despite seeing constant traffic from Lake Miaoustok, Althar, and Citrico, the population is quite low. There have been sightings of things creeping about in the nightly mist, and rumors of strange goings-on associated with the residents here. Merchant vessels are all too happy to cooperate with border checkpoint officials in an effort to get through Innsmouth as quickly as possible. They'll tell you that spending the night here isn't advised, but they're probably all just superstitious.

Port Lemin An extremely popular tourist destination, and your first major city if traveling north from Citrico. Like Innsmouth, this port serves as a border checkpoint. However, everything is done at a much more leisurely pace than in Innsmouth. It's difficult to feel rushed when the climate is as nice as it is here, and when there's no cold creeping-thing-harboring mist descending from a nearby mountain come to envelop you. Contraband searches here aren't nearly as rigorous as in Innsmouth, either - Citrico doesn't have a stigma for being a source of illegal goods like Lake Miaoustok does.

There are several fishing towns near Port Lemin, but they make an effort to be as unenticing as possible in an effort to keep tourists away.

Port Poppy Another border checkpoint. Due to the high amount of magical and/or spiritual merchandise and goods coming in through Althar, customs here takes the longest. Screening all cargo for malicious or cursed magic is a very time-consuming and expensive process if done at Port Poppy, so it's advised to have everything pre-screened by any licensed MY official in Althar before traveling.

West District

Appleton - This riverside city sprang up almost overnight when a massive merchant ship ran ashore and dumped its entire cargo, some thousands of crates of assorted citrico-variety apples along the river bank. When nearby cities hard of the tragedy, hundreds of citizens traveled here to help themselves to some apples. Everyone who lives here loves apples. You sort of have to. Their official dish is apple pie. Their official flower is the apple flower. Their official bird is the applebird. Their houses are made of applewood, which is highly flammable, but smells very good when burned, so the pros and cons balance out. The remnants of the historic ship are still here, and are home to a massive conglomeration of apple trees. It's a popular sight-seeing destination.

West York Harbor - Unofficially the "first actual" city you'll reach while heading south from Lake Miaoustok, according to the merchant community. Innsmouth is technically (literally) the first, but since nobody ever wants to stay there overnight, it doesn't count. Special channels have been constructed to allow select cargo ships to sail directly into Mew York.

Ascot - First stop of anyone wanting to rest for a while after clearing customs going north through Port Lemin. Their maritime fashions are cutting-edge. If you fancy having your crew appear like genuine sailors, this is the place to go. If you're in the mood for something more ferocious, say, a pirate aesthetic, this is also the place to go.

Tyria - If Appleton became a sprawling orchard town because of a merchant vessel's colossal misadventure, Tyria became one on purpose. It supplies most of the produce and livestock required to keep the inner city of Mew York functioning. It's also the first major town travelers see when traveling down the Maioustok River. If you're from Dewclaw or Moggy, Tyria is most likely your chosen town for hitching a ride along the river. Just don't bring any cargo with you, as that's not allowed. There's rumors of Dewclaw serving as an underground highway for illicit goods, and all riverside towns are under periodic surveillance for surreptitious cargo-loading.

North District

Glowbug - Gloam's sister city! All technology and research originating from Glowbug is shared shared with Gloam, and vice versa. This allows both cities to progress in their scientific and technological pursuits at a much faster rate than they would on their own. It's been working well, too! Glowbug is responsible for most of Mew York's innovation, including (but not limited to) intra-city compacts, electric-rail cars, and the hydroelectric generators used to power nearly all of inner Mew York's infrastructure.

Foxfire - It's like a miniature Althar, but with less hot and more greenery. Most everyone who lives here would like to live in Althar, but for one reason or another can't handle its unforgiving climate. Spiritual items of all sorts can be found here, most of them certified to be completely curse-free! For anyone with a cursed item, or under the effects of a curse, relief can be found here as well: Foxfire has nearly everything you'd normally have to travel to Althar for, but with the convenience of being within Mew York.

Mew York Wildlife Reserve - Mew York Reservoir area

Power Plant - Actual location not shown. These are the pride of Mew York, and are a testament to their ability to innovate without magic. These power plants convert the electricity from the Mew York - Miaoustok generators into usable power for the entire inner city. There's currently a project underway to build more generators and bring power to every city within the Mew York territory!

Water Treatment Facility - Another marvelous innovation: clean drinking water, without the use of magic. With this facility, boiling your own water after filtering it through a sock is no longer necessary. It provides every city (and some of the larger towns and villages) with potable water straight from the Mew York Reservoir, which itself is kept filled by the Miaoustok aquifer.

Emergency Responder HQ - All emergency public servants, such as firefighters, paramedics, and peace officers undergo training and education here at the HQ. Classes last anywhere from two to three years, depending on the individual's chosen profession, and graduation is required before officially being employed by Mew York.

The Terraces

Peacock - Also known as The Arts (plural specifically) district. It's also known as the living test site for Mew York's infrastructure engineers. Any proposed changes to existing infrastructure, whether they be as reasonable as new energy-efficient buildings and less-congested streets, or as far-fetched as rope-suspended pedestrian sidewalk-bridges going from building to building, it's enacted here first. The architecture and aesthetic of The Terraces seems to change every few blocks or so, and the residents here have taken pride in its myriad styles.

Suntrap - If feeling conscious about your carbon pawprint is your thing, then Suntrap is your place. Provided you're rich enough to live in it. If the residents here had their way, the entire city - no, the entire territory - would be powered exclusively by solar energy. Everyone would also wear only organic, all-natural fabrics, eat locally-grown food (because food from thirty miles away is too far to be considered local), and dig their own outhouses. For fertilizer, of course. Suntrap is considered to be annoying by nearly every other city, but the residents there pay their taxes, so it's all tolerated.


Mew York City - The actual city is located within the center of the Mew York territory, and mostly consists of public parks and services, and government/political buildings such as courthouses, embassies, banks, and town halls. Most everyone who comes to work here lives in one of the neighboring districts, like The Terraces or Scrump.


Snitch - Snitch isn't its real name, but no one remembers what the real name is. The research and information collection center of Mew York. If something needs to be thought about or discussed before being enacted, like city projects, new tax rates, general direction of city policy, etc., the agencies to see it through from conception to execution are here. Also home to the census bureau, which is a completely innocent branch of government, yet somehow the most unpopular one in public opinion. Probably because the census workers are in charge of determining who and what lives where, and no one likes the idea of government knowing that.

Rustle - The manufacturing district of Mew York. Due to Mew York's insistence that all its infrastructure and technology be completely functional without the use of magic, it has taken to building its own everything. And that takes a lot of space. There are almost no residential areas at all in Rustle - there's not even a dozen hotels in the entire area. What there is, however, are hundreds of factories, working seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. It's a very loud district. Rustle, indeed.

Vandalroot District

Catkin - If Mew York is one of the most diverse cities on Owel (and it is), then Catkin is the most diverse city in Mew York. Its neighboring cities are Beheaded City and Crunchbone, and numerous Hanged Men and Gnolls originally hailing from there now live here - almost no other city on Owel can claim this!

Tensions are sometimes high in Catkin due to the Gnoll culture not meshing well at all with the Hanged Man culture. Gnolls regard their dead as sacred, and Hanged Men regard any dead as a potential host body.
As an aside, if you've experienced a loss of a loved one, look no further than Catkin for the best in cremation services.

Hedgetown - More Gnolls, less Hanged Men. Home to a very large community of Gnolls originally from Three Gnoll Lake's, and almost like a wildlife preserve in appearance. Everything here is designed to blend in with nature, be it a lightpost, a street, a building, or a fire hydrant. Keep in mind that Hedgetown is more Gnolls than anything else, and not many of them speak Common, so a friend who speaks Tribal Gnoll is recommended when visiting. It's not required, though, as Hedgetown Gnolls are a very open and accepting bunch.

Vandalroot - There's been whispers of an underground black market somewhere in the southern district of Mew York, where Althar grave-robbers come to sell their wares. Authorities have yet to locate this market, or even verify its existence. A reward is being offered by city hall for any credible tips regarding its location. The mark on the map is simply a guess at Vandalroot's location based on previous tips.


Lake Miaoustok - Half aboveground, half underground, Lake Miaoustok is the largest city located within the Miaoustok Mountains. It deserves its own map, as it is its own territory, but is included here because of its close partnership with Mew York. It allows hydroelectric generators to be built within its borders by Mew York, and in return, Lake Miaoustok gets a portion of the power generated by them as well as expedited and preferential treatment when it comes to passing through Port Innsmouth. More will be revealed at a later date.

Beheaded City - Home of the Hanged Men, and deserving of its own map at some point. The Hanged Men's intimate knowledge of inner-body functions and maintenance required to keep them up and running was noticed by medical professionals in Mew York some time ago. Since then, Mew York and the Beheaded City work together to advance medical technology sans magic, and they've enjoyed considerable success.

Fulgid Forest - This forest acts as the border between Mew York and Gloam. Most wildlife here has been notably affected by Gloam's dabblings in Light magic. Bioluminescent plant-life of all sorts, not just mushrooms, are abundant - even some of the animals here give off their own light.

Gloam - Whereas Mew York develops their technology with specific goals in mind, Gloam seems satisfied to merely... tinker. They like to make things because they can, and because they'd like to see what would happen, and what is even possible. They advance their technology for the sake of doing so. To get its own map at a later date.

Neon Lake - Unless you've specifically been cleared to do so, do not eat anything you may catch from this lake! Most of the fish here are raised for their magical electrical properties, and to eat one may be to invite extreme bodily discomfort.

Stony Barrens - Aptly named. Not much is here. So boring and devoid of life, most map-makers hardly give this area more than a cursory glance. Maybe that will change, someday. If there's a reason for it to.

Auroria Territories


Merchant capital of Owel. Goods from every major city on Owel can be bought and sold here. But that's not enough to justify such a harsh and long journey through the Auroria Forest and Taiga, is it? Auroria is the only city to have a free-trade agreement with the entire continent of Glissod. Everything that can be bought and sold in any of Glissod's major cities can be bought and sold in Auroria, and vice-versa. Establishing a successful business in Auroria is seen as one of the highest qualifications a merchant can have, and many high-end establishments in both Owel and Glissod prefer to do business only with merchants possessing such a qualification.

Auroria Desert

If you've made it through the Auroria Forest and Taiga, the desert holds no more challenges for you. Although it's constantly freezing, the weather is almost always clear. There are numerous villages throughout the Desert, so getting lost isn't as bad here as it would be in the Taiga or Forest. Is a snowstorm or other terrible winter phenomenon does occur, the local Solar Bearrings have ways of dispersing them.

Cirrus Checkpoints A, B, C

Cirrus A, B, and C are the final city-stops on the journey to Auroria. Travelers here can find ample lodging and medical care here, as well as supplies to get them through the Auroria Desert. These cities also serve as customs checkpoints. All cargo going into Auroria is inventoried here, and the appropriate taxes are assessed. It's a common complaint among the merchant community that the inventorying and taxing is done here, far into Auroria territory and after traveling through the hellscape that is the Auroria Taiga. This is because merchants are more apt to pay their taxes without complaint rather than risk having their cargo denied, and having to trek all the way back through the Taiga

Auroria Taiga

The Auroria Taiga has sent countless unprepared travelers to their demise since Auroria was founded. It's freezing and windy. It contains hostile plant and animal life. It's largely unpopulated. Food is scarce. It is imperative that all travelers stop at one of the Taiga Preparedness Cities. These cities supplies for traversing through Auroria Taiga as safely as possible: food, water, medicine, portable shelter, wildlife deterrents, heaters, etc. Do not attempt to cross the Taiga alone, or without the recommended supplies.


Mush's sister city. The road connecting the two cities is flourishing with all types of frost-loving fungi, and is colloquially known as Mushroom Road. Most of the fungi between Giddy and Mush is edible; edible in this case meaning usually not lethal. The most common and popular type of mushroom around Giddy causes euphoria and uncontrollable fits of giggling. This may sound well and good, but the effects will last until you find and eat the appropriate antidote mushroom. As in, you will giggle forever until you take the antidote. Not very fun for the casual traveler. Giddy is a Taiga-Preparedness City.


Home to the largest tribe of gnolls in Northern Owel. They're not hostile to outsiders, but, like most gnolls, they have suffered from generations of discrimination and prejudice at the hands of outsiders. As such, they have a healthy amount of suspicion for anyone traveling to or through their city. Those who earn their trust will find themselves never too far from help anywhere in the Auroria Taiga - an invaluable thing indeed, for smaller groups of travelers. In hopes of encouraging trade and tourism to their city, the Frostpaw clan is currently building a safe road from their city to Cirrus Checkpoint B. Frostpaw is a Taiga-Preparedness City.


It was going to be named "Seasons", but the residents there decided that would have been too sarcastic. Season only has one season, and that season is: very cold. Winter doesn't do it justice. The freezing wind from Frosty Bay is year-round, and with Auroria Taiga to the north and Auroria Forest to the south, you have a whole lot of unforgiving wilderness. On the bright side, Season has a healthy fishing trade from Frosty Bay, and is in the "safe belt" - the open plains area between Auroria Taiga and Auroria Forest. Traveling between Giddy, Frostpaw, and Season is very easy, even for the less-experienced. Season is a Taiga-Preparedness City.

Auroria Forest

A nearly-untouched strip of forest, home to countless types of plants and wildlife. Merchants and other travelers would do well to stick to the main roads - it's easy to become lost, and there's almost nothing in the way of search and rescue teams, here. That being said, all manner of scientists and herbalists love exploring Auroria Forest. Several cures for common ailments originated from wildlife found here, and there's estimated to be hundreds more cures just waiting to be found.


Giddy's sister city. The wet, cold climate here has created the perfect growing conditions for countless types of frost-loving fungi. It's suspected most of the fungi originated from Olive Hills and became altered by Mush's environmental magic, allowing them to thrive in freezing temperatures.

Fossil Valley

Where the harsh, dry, hot climate of Dendain meets the harsh, dry, freezing climate of Auroria. The sand dunes here are in a perpetual cycle of freezing, thawing, and being blown around by the wind. Most towns and villages here are home to all varieties of paleontologists and geologists. The ever-changing landscape in Fossil Valley frequently reveals fossils of long-extinct flora and fauna, as well as semi-precious and precious gemstones. The sand gets absolutely everywhere, so this is a rather unappealing location to the casual traveler.


Rather than being one large city, Rime is actually several small, tight-knit towns. The constant rain and wind coming off of Frosty Bay cause everything in Rime to be covered with its namesake. Every so often, - once or twice every year, actually - a foolish traveler will fail to heed the 'KEEP MOVING' warning signs posted about the towns and will become trapped by this phenomenon. They look absolutely beautiful when this happens, but it just creates a headache for the emergency rescue services who have to find and free them.

Frosty Bay

If you've eaten sushi anywhere in Owel, it most likely came from Frosty Bay. Most of the fishes and crustaceans in Frosty Bay stay near-freezing for quite some time after being removed from the water. This is most likely an effect of the abundant Ice element found within this environment. This eliminates the need for storing the seafood with bulky, heavy blocks of ice, and lowers the cost of shipping substantially. The savings are passed onto all of Owel, in the form of cheap, readily-available seafood all year-round!


The Floating City. Coraldome was built so long ago that no records of its construction are known to exist. There isn't much in the way of food or water, here - the sea around Coraldome is surprisingly barren. It depends on the seafood industry to feed its population. Aside from that, Coraldome is an extremely popular sightseeing destination. Temples carved from solid marble, winding catacombs dug into the coral, and the Coraldome itself are just a few of the notable landmarks.


The Underwater City. Aquatic species of all types live here - mostly Kelpies, Vanguards, and Noritori. Its biggest trade is its - you guessed it - eelgrass. It contains everything a vegetarian needs in terms of daily nutrition, and makes an excellent medicinal tea. It's difficult to say where the borders of Eelgrass actually are, due to the entire city being underwater. If you can't breathe underwater, don't worry. Air-breathing travelers can either rent a special diving suit, or walk around in one of the many underwater terrariums found in Eelgrass.


Handwritten note: While the Auroria Map-Making Company strives for excellence in all fields of cartography, errors such as this misprint sometimes occur. We apologize for our misrepresentation of the local geography. If you are no longer happy with the quality of your Auroria Map, you may apply for a refund personally at the Auroria Map-Making Company, located in Auroria, Owel.

Olive Hills

Gnawth territory. The volcanic activity within the region imbues the soil with an extremely rich mineral content, making the area one of the best places for plant-life. Watch where you step, though - it's not rare for lava to shoot up from one of the countless underground lava tubes in the area. Despite this, Olive Hills has a decent-sized population, and is one of the more popular stops along the way to Auroria. Olive Hills has a reputation for having some of the best burn-ward units in all of Owel.


A vast desert, deserving of its own map. Dendain is its own territory, and only the hardiest and bravest make their way through it. There's an oasis somewhere in here, home to a race of aquatic spiders. Rumor has it they guard a powerful medicine, but no one has been able to find it. Or, if they have, they haven't lived to tell the story. Also home to Honeycomb Plateau, where a highly intelligent honey-making ant species thrives. They'll trade their honey for items and trinkets, if you're polite and patient.


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