Rock Candies

Rock candies are small moles with mineral growing on them.
When referring to a single resident, the correct term is "a rock candies", and not "a rock candy". Rock candy is a hard sweet made from sugar, salt, and citrus juice.

Common affinities Earth and its subtypes, especially Crystal
Ability to plan and abstract All known rock candies are proficient
Diet Omnivorous; they also eat crystals for zero nutritional value
Native location Candy Rock, Owel
Size between 1 and 3 feet (30~90 cm)


Most common affinities

True to their name, most rock candies possess Earth or its subtypes as affinities, with pure Earth being the most common element, and Crystal being the second most common. Rock candies with the Magnet affinity have been rumored to exist, but a credible report or documentation of any such individuals has yet to be established.

Rumors exist of rock candies (that aren't hybrids) who have strong affinities for non-Earth elements. Tales of these rock candies are popular in Candy Rock, though most of them, if not all, are surely flights of fancy meant to sound exotic.

Hereditary magic

An even mix of affinities and aptitude for affinities is passed down from parents to offspring. Even if rock candies parents do not pass the affinity or aptitude for learning it down, all rock candies are able to take on or be affected by any environment with a prominent Earth or Earth-subtype, regardless of age. Rock candies are heavily influenced by the minerals and crystals that grow from their tails, and can often acquire affinities that would normally be incompatible with themselves through their tails.

Elemental weaknesses and resistances

Rock candies are generally highly susceptible to Acid, which can corrode their skin as well as lower their physical and mental resistances to other elements.
Water can dampen, or inhibit their ability to effectively utilize and work with their own individual elements.
Rock candies are sensitive to the common forms of Light, as both their skin and eyes are irritated and damaged when subjected to extremely bright light, be it natural or artificial.

Most rock candies are familiar with Earth and its subtypes, and possess varying resistances to them. Almost no rock candies are weak to these elements, but special cases can and do exist.
Electricity has a tendency to ignore rock candies, with all but the most determined currents choosing to pass around them. As such, it can be hard to effectively affect rock candies with Plasma.


Common locations

Rock candies are native to Owel, and Candy Rock is their native home. Many can be found elsewhere as long as the area is underground, such as Honeycomb Plateau or the Beheaded City's catacombs, or possesses consistent heavy shade, such as Miaoustok. If a rock candies possesses the appropriate attire, such as heavy robes and goggles, they may live anywhere they wish without fear of irritating their skin or eyes.

Climate preference

Rock candies prefer cool, arid, underground environments, as they are sensitive to heat, water, and bright sunlight. Candy Rock is their ideal location, as it is mainly underground, kept dry through a heavy infrastructure of vents blowing in air from the surface, and has access to numerous underground rivers and lakes. Althar would be a prime example of a climate most incompatible for rock candies, as it is consistently sunny and extremely hot.

Ability to plan and abstract

All rock candies are capable of higher-level thinking, such as the ability to plan ahead, to reason, rationalize, and to understand abstract concepts and principles.


Rock candies usually speak Common.


Rock candies are omnivorous and are able to stomach most foods, but prefer dishes made from subterranean wildlife.


Rock candies eat rocks and crystals almost daily, but they get no nutritional benefit from doing this. Rather, their tails will grow crystals based on the minerals that rock candies consume.

Many rock candies strive to achieve the perfect diet of rocks and crystals that will grow their tail crystals how they'd like, as beautiful and unblemished tails are a fashion statement and status symbol in Candy Rock.

Two rock candies with the same diet won't automatically grow the same shape, size, or placement of crystals. Mood, time in between consumption, size of food, and many other factors all tie in to the cultivation of crystals on a rock candies' body. Some particular formations are closely guarded family secrets, developed over several generations.
There used to be a group of rock candies with two tails and a secret to the most beautiful dual-colored combination in existance, but that was centuries ago, and all of those rock candies were hunted down by a particular individual who was known for hunting exotic variant of species.

Rock candies without anything growing on their bodies can exist, but this is extremely rare, as it is instinctual to eat the earth and the mineral within.

Body features

Most rock candies have hands built for shoveling, digging and clawing.

Rock candies can have pouches where their children will go when born. Both mal and females can receive this trait from parent rock candies, and both males and females are capable of nursing young, regardless of if they have a pouch or not.

A rock candies can change its eyecolor, but only to match that of what grows on its body.

Their tails can regrow if broken off, but most rock candies will not bring this fact up or admit it to be true.

Underground adaptation

Exposure to direct sunlight harms their eyesight, and they sunburn easily, so tinted eyewear and protective clothing is almost always worn by rock candies when traveling aboveground.

Rock candies don't have excellent far sightedness, and for the most part, they're okay with this. Their whiskers are excellent at sensing things that their eyes and nose cannot.

Cultural habits

Rock candies are drawn to color. They love studying it so that they'll be able to cultivate a body to their taste. There are many classes on color and color theory at Candy Rock.

Other abilities

Rock candies are either completely immune to hypnosis or extremely vulnerable. The only way to discern which is to attempt it on a rock candies.

Mixed rock candies

Rock candies are compatible with many mammalian species.

When a rock candies hybridizes with a creature that is capable of growing things on its body, the hybrid child will instinctively want to eat whatever the non-rock candies parent is capable of growing in order to cultivate that.

Other parent Child
Satyr Flower candies
Turf tiger Glam candies
Flowercat ?


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