This page list the species that have been shown or mentioned in the Floraverse. A list of crossbred species is also present.

Widespread species

Those species are widespread on continent or world scale. Although they may have preferences in living locations, they can potentially be encountered anywhere.

Flowercat Flowercat Foxbat Foxbat Cockatrice Cockatrice
Vanguard Vanguard [Painted_Alligator Painted Alligator](/wiki/Floraverse/Species/Painted Alligator) [Rock Candies Rock Candies](/wiki/Floraverse/Species/Rock Candies)
[Hanged_Man Hanged Man](/wiki/Floraverse/Species/Hanged Man) [Pygmy_Pyzky Pygmy Pyzky](/wiki/Floraverse/Species/Pygmy Pyzky) Manticore Manticore
[Aurorian_Fox Aurorian Fox](/wiki/Floraverse/Species/Aurorian Fox) [Beholding_Siren Beholding Siren](/wiki/Floraverse/Species/Beholding Siren) Imp Imp
Satyr Satyr Goatixy Goatixy [Sea_Dragon Sea Dragon](/wiki/Floraverse/Species/Sea Dragon)
[Coralshell_Turtle Coralshell Turtle](/wiki/Floraverse/Species/Coralshell Turtle) [Frilled_Petal_Dragon Frilled Petal Dragon](/wiki/Floraverse/Species/Frilled Petal Dragon) Cagroo Cagroo
Gelbeast Gelbeast [Fruit_Frog Fruit Frog](/wiki/Floraverse/Species/Fruit Frog)
[Owel_Treant Owel Treant](/wiki/Floraverse/Species/Owel Treant) [Masked_Owl Masked Owl](/wiki/Floraverse/Species/Masked Owl) [Singing_Rabbat Singing Rabbat](/wiki/Floraverse/Species/Singing Rabbat)
Moahu Moahu Scrapgoat Scrapgoat Revealeon Revealeon
Necropossum Necropossum [Turf_Tiger Turf Tiger](/wiki/Floraverse/Species/Turf Tiger) [Pygmy_Tiger Pygmy Tiger](/wiki/Floraverse/Species/Pygmy Tiger)
Bearring Bearring

Endemic species

Those species are found in specific places.

Pendragon Bookwyrm Vinedra
Dyevern Pricklehog Sicklehog
Goatato Gossheep Star Anisheep
Histle Oregagnome Cilantroll
Sorrelf Fennelf Sand Hippo
Sea Snamel Puppea Snappea Turtle
Lycheel Saffrog Capsicorn
Nauticorn Gingerbrab Mocking Tree
Tomb Brush Heaven's Archway
Deep Mountain
Leaf-Faced Ant Flyght Rotobug
Catfish Rabbit Coral Spiderfish Slimepillar
Trunkate Fuzzy Moth Sawhorse
Citrico Archipelago
Habaneron Wasabika Tetradish
Zwiebat Seahorseradish Cheeli
Mustallusk Ghost Ray
Citrico Archipelago Stemm Island
Pommeranian Fiddeleon Snowl
Muddler Broccolamb Cauliflamb
Scalamar Zucchinu Gingrake
Citrico Archipelago Cherran Island
Tomato-oh Flamingon Pomegrub
Frogola Catermelon Ankirschelosaur
Citrico Archipelago Musapeel Island
Platorgon Bananavern Starfinch
Lemarlon Momonkey Pearimate
Citrico Archipelago Citrico Island
Zanahorsia Clementillo Pumpkit
Kikinut Taro Moth Caterpither
Citrico Archipelago Polaris Island
Myrticke Muscant Berry Bunny
Pfig Lettuce Lion Moletato
Southwest Owel Coast
Sea Bear Kamergé Armor Fish
Sucker Shark Bweehorse Diamond Head Dolphin
Peliclam Sack Jelly Coif Crab
Polester Rockabelly Whale Shell Slicer Whale
Squinker Rubbyou Mark Knocker
Beavering Sharker Slugrub
Pastelbit Gel Squinker Drip Seel
Watercolor Buffalo Pangochoir Chromadillo
Spool Spider Prism Star Giraffe Roller
Palette Fish Glazemodo Spraypaint Skunk
Sack Anemone Pearly Whelk Cleaner Shrimp
Porcelain Plate Crab Urn Urchin Bell-Shelled Tortoise
Doubloon Barnacle Charcoal Chicken Stamp Roller
Sponge Frog Gum Shooter Living Likeness
Blackjack Isles Trebol
Drone Pitch Wasp Melodingo
Smelodingo Bandragon Trebol Bweehorse
Backwater Bweehorse Ambeeant
Blackjack Isles Trebol Screaming Island
Melon Barometz Mandrake Jack
Auroria & Kadath Territories
Squeel Pufferpup Shellflake
Snowspore Paneguin Shardnia

Unreleased species

Those species have been cited in the Floraverse works, but no species sheet has been released about them yet.
For some species, enough info is available to be able to construct a partial species sheet.

Uniqorn Commons Fox Borealan Fox
Gorgon Kelpie Arachoon
Mouse Bastian Rugaru
Clover Lamb Cat Jackal
Rakshasa Pigeon Sphinx
Northern Gnoll Eastern Gnoll Western Gnoll
Southern Thorny Gnoll (Southern Gnoll, Perfumed Gnoll) Hydra Ladybug
Heartbreaker Eagle “Cat” (Catbird)
Kappearl Ostriker Spicey bird
Kerosheen Bulbil Bloodsucker
Undertaker Honeyed Moon Mare Blastamander
Scarf Weasel Galena Hippo Drop
Living Doll Hooknose Snake Mossadillo
Tube wriggler Clown fly Demon
Nymph Acolight Mirror
Beachcomber Varmint Block Bunny
Nalas Harpy Naga
Peacock Wolf Gloom Dragon
Mossamander Split Swan Mole
Faunneret Phoenix Cloud Rabbit
Territiger Luneko Noritori
Solar Bearring

Varieties of species

Some species have names for different varieties. This is notably the case for breeds of domestic species.

Main species Varieties
Frilled Petal Dragon Pomegragon, Blueberrygon, Frilled Pigmy Dragon, Frilled Petal Dragosaur
Cagroo Shagroo, Cagrugong, Swagroo, Cotton Cagroodle, Bogroo, Cagroodle
Weed Wolf Maple Dog, Pin Bull, Palmeranian, Pine Hound, Shruppy, Weeping Woodle
Revealeon Surveilleon, Strawberry Man
Necropossum Deadwood

Life phases of species

Some species may be known under different names during their life.

Species Life phases
Fruit Frog Seed, Seedpole, Budpole, Flower Frog, Fruit Frog, Capricornucopia

Crossbred species

Child Parent 1 Parent 2
Sea Bearring Bearring Vanguard
Singing Bearrub Bearring Singing Rabbat
Twinkle Tiger Bearring Turf Tiger
Grisly Bearring Bearring Necropossum
Petaltrice Frilled Petal Dragon Cockatrice
Flower Dragorgon Frilled Petal Dragon Gorgon
Deathwalker Necropossum Manticore
Bansheep Necropossum Clover Lamb
Bonefish Necropossum Vanguard
Nekopossum Necropossum Cat
Shackal Necropossum Jackal
Flower Tiger Pygmy Tiger Flowercat
Pygmy Bastian Pygmy Tiger Bastian
Swirl Fox Pygmy Tiger Aurorian Fox
Atrocitiger Pygmy Tiger Rakshasa
Satyrbun Satyr Singing Rabbat
Satyrqorn Satyr Uniqorn
Satyrfox Satyr Aurorian Fox or Commons Fox or Borealan Fox
Flower Candies Satyr Rock Candies
Diogoat Scrapgoat Satyr
Junkrat Scrapgoat Necropossum
Seavern Sea Dragon Cockatrice
Sea Dragorgon Sea Dragon Gorgon
Trojan Dragon Sea Dragon Kelpie
Chirping Rabbat Singing Rabbat Manticore
Rugarabbat Singing Rabbat Rugaru
Vampire Rabbat Singing Rabbat Necropossum
Thistle Tiger Turf Tiger Flowercat
Tomb Tiger Turf Tiger Necropossum
Surf Tiger Turf Tiger Vanguard
Glam Candies Turf Tiger Rock Candies
Stripe Goat Turf Tiger Scrapgoat
Truce Tiger Turf Tiger Clover Lamb

Removed species

Those species were removed from the Floraverse canon.

[Weed Wolf](/wiki/Floraverse/Species/Weed Wolf)