In the Floraverse, a week is divided in seven days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Topside's sky

The Topside world has three moons.

The main moon, simply called The Moon is always visible in the night's sky. The two others are not always visible.

When the second moon, Lil Luna, also commonly called Luna, is visible in the sky on a Monday, that day is called a Double Monday.

The third moon, Small Selene, commonly called Selene, may be visible along the two others every three months. That day is commonly refered as a Triple Monday, and can happen any day on the week.


The year, containing 365 or 366 days, is commonly divided into twelve months, all named after an animal.

Name Animal Duration in days
Rath Rat 31
Oxoth Ox 28 or 29
Tigoth Tiger 31
Raboth Rabbit 30
Drath Dragon 31
Snakoth Snake 30
Horth Horse 31
Goath Goat 31
Monmonth Monkey 30
Roosoth Rooster 31
Doth Dog 30
Pigoth Pig 31


At the time when Seeds: a mini story happens, most of Owel is in the year 633 of their era. The event serving as the starting reference for that era is not known.
Mew-York, unlike the rest of Owel, is currently in the year 352. The event marking that new era could be their independance, probably from Kadath, after the whole area surrounding Mew-York was made devoid of magic.
Since almost no reference was released about the other continents of Topside, it is not known if they follow the same era for counting years.
The current year in the Blackjack Isles is not know either.


For astrological purposes, the year is divided between 14 astrological signs.

Symbol Name From To
Pegasus symbol Pegasus Rath 21 Oxoth 16
Delphinus symbol Delphinus Oxoth 17 Tigoth 11
Volans symbol Volans Tigoth 12 Raboth 18
Phoenix symbol Phoenix Raboth 19 Drath 13
Cetus symbol Cetus Drath 14 Drath 14
Monoceros symbol Monoceros Drath 15 Snakoth 21
Corvus symbol Corvus Snakoth 21 Horth 20
Lepus symbol Lepus Horth 21 Goath 10
Lupus symbol Lupus Goath 11 Monmonth 16
Chamaeleo symbol Chamaeleo Monmonth 17 Roosoth 30
Hydra symbol Hydra Roosoth 31 Doth 23
Draco symbol Draco Doth 24 Doth 29
Ophiuchus symbol Ophiuchus Doth 30 Pigoth 17
Camelopardus symbol Camelopardus Pigoth 18 Rath 20


Floraverse Wiki: Calendar

Those world-building elements were originally made available on the Floraverse's Tumblr and Glip's Tumblr, but they are not, at this time of writing (2018-04-16), publicly accessible anymore.