Elements are the types of magic that exist in the Floraverse.


Nearly everything and everyone has at least one elemental affinity, and those lacking an elemental affinity are extremely rare, as the world is filled with magic.

Elemental affinities can influence places and individuals, notably their appearance, personnality or skills. Affinities of an individual can change over time, for various reasons. One of the reason can be a change of the environmental affinity after moving to a new living place.

Some species are more influenced by the environmental affinity than others and thus individual of those species are more prone to see their affinity changing.

Elements theory

There are five primary elements in the Floraverse that can be combined into secondary elements. Those secondary elements can also be combined into tertiary elements.

Elements' names are often capitalized, to distinguish between the affinity and a physical element. Ex: a glass of water, a glass with Water affinity.

Primary elements

The five primary elements are:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Air
  • Spirit

Secondary elements

The five primary elements can be combined into fifteen secondary elements. A primary element can be combined with itself to give a secondary element.

Fire Water Earth Air Spirit
Fire Plasma Acid Lava Light Aura
Water Ice Clay Cloud Poison
Earth Crystal Sand Magnet
Air Storm Sound
Spirit Psi

It can often be hard to distinguish between a primary element from the secondary element coming from the self-combination of that primary element.

Tertiary elements

Tertiary elements are produced by combining two secondary elements, or a primary element with a secondary element. Given the number of possible combinations (195 = 15 + 15!/(2!×13!) + 15×5) and the very few references to them, those are not listed.

While having an affinity to a tertiary element is different from having two affinities, the distinction can be rather hard to make sometimes.


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