The Floraverse contains several worlds.


This world is the most similar to Earth.
At day a Sun is visible in the sky, providing light and heat.
At night, a main Moon and two smaller moons (Lil Luna and Small Selene) are visible in the sky, along with stars in the background.

Its continents are:


This world has notable differences from Topside.
At day, several suns are visible in the sky. They move fast, can split up and join back.
At night, the visible Moon looks like an eye and can change colour. Moonshards are visible in the sky background.

The only place visited so far are the Blackjack Isles, the counterpart to the Citrico Archipelago on Topside. However, it is implied that Hellside has counterparts for each continent existing on Topside.

Travelling between Topside and Hellside is possible as there exists portals between those worlds. Some are permanently opened, like the one on Polaris, some opens only a few days per year, like the one at the Dropoff.


A monochrome world of nothing. It looks like a destroyed town, and could be remnants of the world seen in the Prologue. Moles, Angels, the Troupe, Mr.5, and the Pole Star seems to be related to this world.
This world is where the Try, Try Again arc mainly takes place.


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