Gloam territories encompass the surroundings of Neon Lake.


Whereas Mew York develops their technology with specific goals in mind, Gloam seems satisfied to merely… tinker. They like to make things because they can, and because they'd like to see what would happen, and what is even possible. They advance their technology for the sake of doing so.
Gloam is also the home of rugarus. It is also nicknamed "Neon City", and "Insomnia City".

Neon Lake

Unless you've specifically been cleared to do so, do not eat anything you may catch from this lake! Most of the fish here are raised for their magical electrical properties, and to eat one may be to invite extreme bodily discomfort. Also, many fish are contaminated with a parasite named Fluoretodes, making the host grow bioluminescent spots on their body.

Fulgid Forest

This forest acts as the border between Mew York and Gloam. Most wildlife here has been notably affected by Gloam's dabblings in Light magic. Bioluminescent plant-life of all sorts, not just mushrooms, are abundant – even some of the animals here give off their own light.


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