While Holiday territories are mostly the area around the city, several landmarks are located near that city.

Mossy Depression

The depression is filled with poisonous swamps. There are also temples located in those swamps.

Holiday Marsh

This swamp is filled with caustic waters.


Home place of most Moahus living in Owel. They oganize many celebrations along the year.

Deep Plateau

A legend tells that this depression was created by a huge dragon crashing and skidding into the land. Named because it is like a reverse plateau. Holiday Marsh deverse a part of its caustic waters into the plateau.

Deep Mountain

A huge crater-like place, named because it is like a reverse mountain.
Home of the hugest bugs in Owel, they can't leave the area because of the ambiant air. The atmosphere of this area is filled with high levels of oxygen and high levels of Air magic, a combination named eO and provoking bloat to those entering the area without protections. The fauna living there is also affected by a similar malady if they try to leave the area, because of the lack of eO.


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