Home of the acolights, Peril is a crystalline forest located on the eastern coast of Owel, just south of the Miaoustok Maountain range.


A crystalline forest that looks like any forest, at first look. However it seems to be the home of an invisible disease. Half of the maps say "DO NOT enter. You'll become infected."

Good Intentions

Acolights live in a village here. Half of the reports says it is covered in crystal, while the other half says the contrary.

Heart Mountain

A meteor shower did something here and covered the mountain with meteor dust. There are stone golem things here now because of it. There's also an explosive ore here, so no one really likes exploring. A lot of animals here have rockish or stone-like features.

Carrot Crook

Block bunnies are from here. A "mad scientist" polluted the area with a deadly mutagen, so the area is now avoided.

Stony Barrens

A flatland, aptly named, not much is here, appart from rocky beasts, and golems. Stone showers, like gravel, also occur there.
So boring and devoid of life, most map-makers hardly give this area more than a cursory glance. Maybe that will change, someday. If there's a reason for it to.


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