Rhile is the name of Gnawth territories, that mainly encompass Gnawth and Candy Rock.


Main city on the west branch of the Miaoustok river. The city is renown for its fine archtecture, notably its stone columns.
There are a lot of creepy rumors about the citizens of this place: stoning gaze, steal souls, abduct children. Also, politically-motivated treachery is very frequent in the city.

Candy Mesa

A maze of mesas, and a source of magical gems.

Candy Lake

The main source of water for Candy Rock.

Candy Rock

Home of the Rock Candies. There is a group of "crystals heal your soul" religions here.

Olive Hills

The volcanic activity within the region imbues the soil with an extremely rich mineral content, making the area one of the best places for plant-life. Watch where you step, though - it's not rare for lava to shoot up from one of the countless underground lava tubes in the area. Despite this, Olive Hills has a decent-sized population, and is one of the more popular stops along the way to Auroria. Olive Hills has a reputation for having some of the best burn-ward units in all of Owel.


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Other notes

Olive Hills was originally thought to be part of the territories of National Port of Owel.