Currency of Citrico

The currency of Citrico mostly circulates in Southern Owel.

Image of bills and coins


The paper money is called "brix". The coins are called "peels".


Outside being the official currency of Citrico Archipelago, these bills and coins will mostly be found South of Mew York. Merchants tend to trade them out for local currency because most central and northern cities and towns of Owel do not have the appropriate anti-counterfeit batons for Citrico's currency — which is a shame, because it's actually quite difficult to counterfeit.

Anti-counterfeit features

Citrico currency has a "scratch and sniff" implemented so that if each bill doesn't give off a specific smell, it's a fake.
Aside from that, a specific magic baton (that merchants can buy) is able to detect if exact levels of magic are present that determine if the bill is real or not. The coins aren't imbued with magic, but they do each have a smell of their own.
It's not profitable to counterfeit the coins. Those are textured in a specific way based on the tree fibers that are worked into the coins.
Though not recommended as a way to check for fakes, the currency all has a specific, pleasant taste due to the delicious, magical dyes used.



Each bill shows an indigenous species of the Citrico Archipelago on both faces. Each bill correspond to an island. The front shows the head of a large animal of the corresponding island, and the back shows a small animal from the same island.

Bill Color Front Back Island represented
50 Green Mossamander Fiddeleon Stemm
100 Red Tomato-oh Frogola Cherran
200 Yellow Platorgon Starfinch Musapeel
500 Orange Pumpkit Clementillo Citrico
1000 Purple Berry Bunny Moletato Polaris


Coins have a simpler design, mostly showing representation of sea. Each coin has a distinct shape.


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