Beholding Siren

Beholding sirens are most easily recognized by their third eye, which is the only eye that opens by choice. They have equine-like bodies and a pair of wings.

Common affinities Aura, Psi
Ability to plan and abstract Very proficient, extremely cunning, very intelligent
Language Likely abyssal, though they can speak any
Diet Unknown
Native location Nature's Folly, Owel
Size between 3 and 8 feet (90~240 cm)

Large image of Beholding Sirens


Common affinities

Beholding sirens are known to possess Aura and Psi as affinities, but data is lacking on that subject.

Hereditary magic


Elemental weaknesses and resistances

No known weaknesses to the four common elements and any of their subtypes were noted during the beholding siren’s attack on Kadath’s research party, and the only researcher with an affinity for Spirit and its subtypes was killed in their sleep a week prior to the attack.


Common locations

Nature’s Folly, Heaven’s Keys. Some beholding sirens have been spotted north of Kadath’s quarantine line, in the Croon Fens. Extreme caution should be exercised when in the vicinity, and no individuals should travel south of Croon Fens.

Climate preference

Unknown. Owel’s Southeastern peninsula is home to a wide variety of climates and temperatures.

Ability to plan and abstract

All beholding sirens are capable of higher-level thinking, such as the ability to plan ahead, to reason, rationalize, and to understand abstract concepts and principles.


Beholding sirens are able to speak in any language that is required for them to be understood. It is unknown how this is achieved.

Beholding sirens often pretend to not be able to speak if any approaching party doesn't immediately act wary and flee.

Body features

Beholding siren wings don't seem to be necessary for flight, but it doesn't appear that they can fly very high or for long without the use of their wings. More research is needed on the function of the wings outside of flight.

In death, a beholding siren’s body completely exsanguinates, and their skin decomposes to an unrecognizable state within moments. It should be noted that beholding sirens possess no skeletal system or organs of any kind, and all that remains of a beholding siren post-expiry is their main, middle eye.

As they have no bones in their body, they can perform extreme acts of contortionism normally found impossible.

Preserving the body is extremely difficult, as it usually becomes useless almost immediately aften death. However, some hanged men have managed to use the beholding sirens' bodies for themselves. (Why they cchoose to is confusing at best; are the powers really worth inhabiting the body of such a miserable creature?)


Beholding siren eyes are very valuable, though to keep one for an extended period of time has been shown to have personality-altering effects: sadism, cruelty, etc. Permanence is mostly unknown.

The main eye is more valuable than the side pair, which is only midly useful in alchemy, magic, etc.

The third eye, if handled properly and uncursed, can be used as a fortune-telling device by seers.
Each eye seems to have different properties and abilities that are almost undoubtedly related to what that particular beholding siren found interesting or beautiful.


Beholding sirens have a high level of contempt for jewelry, cosmetics, and anything they regard as an attempt by a non-beholding siren species to be fashionable.

It is said that if you are found ugly to a beholding siren, escape is your only course. If you are found beautiful, there is no escape unless it dies.

During Kadath’s attempt at communicating with the beholding sirens, the beholding sirens would only speak with individuals they deemed as beautiful enough to converse with. During these talks, it was thought that progress towards peace and understanding was being made, but the beholding sirens were merely talking in order to abduct the individuals. They succeeded, despite Kadath’s best magical defenses. It should be assumed the individuals are dead.

Kadath desperately wishes to know what beholding siren society is like and how they manage to survive without brutally murdering one another, to little avail. Internal disputes don't seem to ever result in physical fights breaking out. Could it be that they value their own beauty over quashing the opinions of another beholding siren?

Escaping a beholding siren

An escape tactic that sometimes works is putting a mirror between the fleeing party and the beholding siren. Are they enamored with themselves? Why does it only sometimes work?

A beholding siren was once known to kill itself after looking into a dirty and scratched mirror by accident.

Official position

> Official declaration of hostilities
> After a time of intense observation and research by Kadath concerning the race known as “Beholding Sirens”, the peaceful territories of Owel, listed below:
> Kadath, Auroria, NPO, Rhile, Treefall, Miaoustok, Mew York, Dewclaw, Twin Luxuries, Citrico, Peril, Gloam, Althar, N.E.W. Gnoll Nation, Aromia, Croon Fens
> are in agreeance with Kadath’s findings:
> Beholding sirens are, by their very nature, hazardous to the lives of other species, and wish for nothing more than to partake in acts of sadism towards other species. They delight in causing pain and misery in other species, and if given the chance, will always take the life of another species.
> Were beholding sirens unintelligent and simple beings, they would be classified simply as dangerous wildlife to be avoided during one’s travels. However, as they have been found intelligent, capable of speech, and social within their own communities, they are hereby classified as an aggressive, hostile, warlike race.
> In light of these findings, the peaceful territories of Owel shall stand by Kadath’s recommendations:
> Beholding sirens shall be killed on sight if spotted north of Kadath’s already-established quarantine line, and no individual shall be found guilty of any crime for assaulting or killing a beholding siren, regardless of any and all possible circumstances.
> Information listed here is for the purposes of maintaining awareness only, and should not be considered accurate or complete. Should an individual come into contact with or sight a beholding siren, it is highly recommended to flee to the closest locality with a military force and inform them of the beholding siren’s presence.


Floraverse Wiki: Beholding Siren
deviantArt: Species - Beholders


Originally named Beholder, the species's name has been changed to Beholding Siren as Beholder is trademarked by Wizards of the Coast (for the RPG Dungeons & Dragons).

This was the last species whose species sheet was only released on deviantArt.

The beholding sirens described and shown here appear in Call Sign, notably p108-114 (forming a single update page). Their behaviour and speech feel like they are part of a single computer-like system.
The characters labelled “beholding sirens” present in Beholding Gorge in the precedent pages of Call Sign are very probably from another species.