Frilled Petal Dragon

Frilled petal dragons are reptiles with flowers on their body, commonly as a frill.

Common affinities Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light
Ability to plan and abstract Low to high
Language Plant
Diet Sources of protein, primarily meat
Native location Citrico Archipelago
Size Between 3 inches to 25 feet (7.5 cm to 7.5 m)

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Frilled petal dragons come in many different colors, shapes and varieties. Frilled petal dragons can come in every type of affinity, but the Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Light elements are the most common affinities.

Frilled petal dragons of every affinity have been documented, but anything other than Light and the four primary elements occur at a lower rate. Dual affinities and secondary element affinities usually occur in eclectic frilled petal dragon communities.

When a Spirit affinity is present in a frilled petal dragon community, it is usually the only affinity present in that community. The only known frilled petal dragon communities with a Spirit affinity are located in Carrot Crook, Heart Mountain, Dendain and Heaven's Keys.

Elemental weaknesses

Of all the elements that can interfere with the health and growth of a frilled petal dragon, Acid and Ice are the most efficient. Frilled petal dragons can detect large negative presences of these elements and will usually avoid them.

Elemental resistances

Frilled petal dragons are usually resistant to their own affinities, even if they are Acid or Ice.

Hereditary influence

High. Nearly every feature of a frilled petal dragon is due to its genetic inheritance. Genes and affinities can skip several generations. Affinities inherited are almost always compatible with the current environment.

Environmental influence

Low. Rather than stay in and adapt to inhospitable environments, frilled petal dragons usually migrate to more favorable locations. They can fall ill if not in a suitable environment.


Common locations

Frilled petal dragons are present all over Owel, but usually not in large or industrial cities.

Place of origin

Frilled petal dragons originates from the Citrico Archipelago in Owel.

Climate preferences

They can live un just any environment where their flowers flourish.
Each type and variety of frilled petal dragon has its own set of wants and needs dependent on its affinity, flower or fruit. A pomegragon may prefer an arid, hot climate whereas a blueberrygon may prefer a damp, cool climate.

Ability to plan and abstract

Frilled petal dragons are somewhat intelligent, but will usually not interact with other races.

Frilled petal dragons' size can extremely vary, and those on the ends of the spectrum tend to act more on primal instinct than the more average-sized ones. For this reason, it's usually harder to talk to extremely tiny of huge frilled petal dragons. (This may have something to do with crossbreeds over centuries.)


They speak Plant natively. Smarter frilled petal dragons can learn Common, but will pretend they cannot in order to be left alone.

Body features

Frilled petal dragons come in many shapes and sizes. Wing arms, skull helmets, spine armor, etc. is all not uncommon.


Frilled petal dragons are usually a foot tall, but have been found in all sizes. Frilled pigmy dragons no taller than a few inches have been found in Auroria, and frilled petal dragosaurs over twelve feet tall have been found in Deep Mountain.

Flowers and fruits

The fruit or flower on a frilled petal dragon will grow back if damaged, lost or removed, albeit slowly, and only if the Frilled Petal Dragon is in a suitable environment for the fruit or flower it lost.

Frilled petal dragons' flowers can sometimes pollinate flowers on other species — the results of which will vary from species to species. Notable recipients are flowercats and fruit frogs.

Bigger frilled petal dragons tend to grow more flowers.


Frilled petal dragons are very territorial, and individuals stumbling into their territory will be severely harassed and annoyed.

Frilled petal dragons will not attack or harass species that have some type of plant-like attribute, such as plantorgons, or flowercats. This leads many people to don fake flowers and such in order to explore frilled petal dragon territories. These costumes almost never work, as frilled petal dragons are clever, perceptive and can tell the difference between a glued-on flower and an innate one.

Temperaments change dependent on size, for the most part. As a rule of thumb, larger frilled petal dragons are more prone to fits of rage or anger.


Frilled petal dragons cannot survive on an all-vegetarian diet. They require meat in addition to fruits and vegetables in order to remain healthy.

Mixed frilled petal dragons

Frilled petal dragons are the flowercats of the reptilian world. Like flowercats, they're extremely versatile when it comes to mating and partner choice. If a frilled petal dragon parents a child, flowers will find their way onto the bodies of the children for several generations with no other frilled petal dragon parents along the way. For this reason, it can be difficult to assess if a frilled petal dragon is mixed or not — though there are very few "pure" ones in existance.

Other parent Child Example
Cockatrice Petaltrice Image of Frilled Petal Dragon + Cockatrice
Gorgon Flower dragorgon Image of Frilled Petal Dragon + Gorgon
Gum shooter ? Image of Frilled Petal Dragon + Gum shooter
Coralshell turtle ? Image of Coralshell Turtle + Frilled Petal Dragon


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Other notes

The original concept of this species was made by Nymlus ("frilled lizard with a flower as its frill").