Goatixies are a satyr-related species, with four legs instead of two.

Common affinities Earth, Clay, Water, Air, Cloud
Ability to plan and abstract Most are moderately intelligent
Languages Common, Gnawth
Diet Plants, rarely fish; also wine
Native locations Gnawth, Mica, Croon Fens

Large image of Goatixy


Goatixies share the same elemental affinities, magical inheritance, weaknesses and resistances as satyrs.


Goatixies live in the same areas as satyrs and share the same climate preferences.

Differences with satyrs

The main difference between a goatixy and a satyr is the number of limbs. Goatixies are 4-legged, 2-armed, while satyrs are a 2-legged, 2-armed. However, outside this body difference, satyrs and goatixies are extremely similar.

Reproduction with satyrs

A satyr and goatixy's child has always four legs and two arms, and thus is always classified as a goatixy.


Gnawth historian argues if goatixies are a satyr mix whose origin has long been forgotten, or if it formed independently from satyrs.
Goatixies seem to have been around as long as satyrs. They could either be a very early satyr mix, a species sharing the same ancestors as satyrs, or a satyr subspecies.


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